For our motion design class, we were tasked to create a static poster on our summer vacation. During the summer, I went to Japan and got to experience the entertaining side of Japan as I stayed in Tokyo. In the poster, I showed various memories in the form of some of the technological machines you'd find in the streets of Tokyo. Our task was to then create movement within the poster, and this is the result of my motion design using graphics from Adobe Illustrator and edited using Adobe AfterEffects.
For our motion design class, we were given an open brief and tasked to pick an inanimate object and create a story using that object. After spending a few hours trying to think of an inanimate object and listing many objects that I own, I realised, "hey, why don't I do the pen? I'm literally holding one in my hands". This motion design piece is a parody of an Apple advertisement, using a script praising the pen and listing the many features of a pen from real life features, down to pop-culture.