Ali-Bata was a branding project for a client that wanted to share her new-found passion for Filipino culture. She found her idea when she wanted to speak Tagalog (the Filipino language) to her young nephews, only for them have trouble understanding her. Its purpose: “To instill in every Filipino child a passion for their heritage, and enable Filipino parents in foreign lands to raise bilingual children.”
Alibata refers to the ancient script used by some Filipino’s and ‘Bata’ is the Filipino word for ‘child’, hence the name representing it’s focus on Filipino children. On the icon, the book's eyes actually use this ancient script and is illustrated to spell 'Bata'. The brand is energetic, playful, respectful, educational, and imaginative.
I’ve provided my client with a brand board, a logo with different variations, child friendly typefaces, playful avatars and graphics, and social media collateral.